PE secondary market pricing and volume

How are public equities driving private equity prices? How has the private equity secondary market developed since 2009? What about the discount to NAV?

July 02, 2018

PE secondary market deal structures

A well-functioning market for Private Equity LP interests depends on the availability of suitable deal structures. Today’s liquidity solutions allow for win-win situations between

May 22, 2018
Active Market List

Active Market List for Distressed Assets

Multiplicity just updated its “Active Market List” covers hundreds of distressed and illiquid funds/bonds/claims for which we can provide you with bids within less

January 31, 2018
Press release

New Partner Announcement: Pirmin Stutzer

Multiplicity Partners, the secondary market specialist for private market funds and illiquid and distressed assets, today announced the promotion of Pirmin Stutzer to Partner.

January 09, 2018